The Pima College Hospitality programs prepare professionals for an industry that changes constantly and is always focused on learning to provide a very perishable product.  Competition is fierce in the hospitality career field and the businesses that focus on customer service and a quality products are rewarded.  All of Pima’s hospitality programs help prepare our Tucson community members with the tools and skills needed to cultivate a professional hospitality career.


Our graduates have a developing set of managerial skills and customer service aptitudes that help them learn and succeed.  Our recruiters find our graduates competent and prepared to flourish in the service industry.  Many recruiters outside the hospitality industry have recruited our students because of our students understanding of the meaning “To Serve” a guest, a customer, a buyer, or a client.  All industries are, in fact, service industries.  A company’s ability to meet their needs will impact whether they will continue to patron a business.  Our graduates “get it”.


For more than 35 years, Pima Community College has served the Tucson community by offering hospitality programs and courses to meet the needs of the tourism industry in Arizona and especially southern Arizona.  Tucson, is the home of many of the flagship resort properties in the world.  Pima college students can be found working at most of these premier properties.


In addition, Pima Community College has partnered with several local 4 year institutions to provide a seamless transition for those students wishing to continue their hospitality career development.  One partnership of note is the one with Northern Arizona University which is recognized internationally as a leading provider of student-focused hospitality education.  The Pima2NAU partnership allows Pima students to apply early to Northern Arizona University.  Several benefits are available for those students who apply before their last Pima semester.


Memorandums of Understanding have also been established with the University of Phoenix, the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and Eastern New Mexico University.  The Pima Hospitality program continues to seek other partnerships and agreements with other academic institutions.  When considering a four year program of study for a hospitality career, Pima students have many choices to select from.


Consider Pima first.  A four year degree program at a state university can be expensive.  By starting at Pima, the cost of a four-year degree can be cut by as much as 53%.  Keep in mind that many for profit school’s costs are much higher than Pima’s, and that their credits may not transfer to a public college or university.


As a prospective student, we invite you to become a part of this vibrant industry.